Hi, I’m Misty and I’ll be sharing some of my works in progress and some older pieces here with you.

A little something…

I’ve made these before but it was such a nice day that I got some decent pictures of the set. “May you never hunger/May you never thirst” wine glass and plate set. The plate is etched on the bottom to not interfere with cutting or hold onto any food debris. Deep abrasive etched like everything, […]

A new start!

Welcome to the start of the new I will be hosting my own online store and keeping up with more interesting blog posts. I hope you all keep coming back to check what’s new! Thanks for the patience while I adjust everything and get everything listed for sale here.

2020 is a bummer

Well since 2020 has canceled all my shows I should take this time to update this website and make a webstore. An all in one webstore has been a goal for awhile now. I’m going to work on photographing what I have and what I can custom make so maybe shortly here I can have […]

Geeky Items

Pop, geek and nerd culture inspired items.


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